Welcome to Jobisforyou

Who we are

We are a group of IT professional, creating an atmosphere of Job for every B.Tech and MBA professional. We are diversified with almost all IT DOMAIN, Our expertise varied with Software development, Research & Development

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What we do

We are creating an atmosphere of job, career and opportunity for B.Tech and MBA Professional. We strive for success and for us success means the possibility of job. We have a training team that inculcates skills into individual.

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Vision & Mission

The JOBISFORYOU mission is leaded by thorough commitment to Job seekers in terms of guiding with utmost belief, trust & Integrity. We have our values that grounded us with our goal. Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Commitment

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The Blend of IT consultant that works for top notch IT companies and have enriching experience of Industry, who have already cemented their remarkable position in IT arena. You name the IT domain, you find one of them as part of it. They are spreading experiences, opportunities, values and a paved career path.

                                                      The dedicated team will assist you in comprehending the inside story of IT domain. Those who are looking for job and specially into US IT staffing get to know about the latest trend about technologies and tools. Once you start working in US IT staffing, you would be working for clients may be an IT giant or budding startup. You would be providing the IT resource to these company on behalf of your IT staffing company. Your exposure before technologies would be increasing day in day out. You come to know about all new trends of IT technologies and the domain of software skills that IT giants and budding startup involves with. Your one point wizard to get you acquainted with all such skills, trends and prospect is the dedicated team.

Although the company viewing below is completely new to you, as these companies are US IT STAFFING Company and in business from last many years. US IT STAFFING company is the mushrooming domain for all technical and MBA graduates for Job seeker. IT Staffing is it self a bigger domain, which runs world wide, the distributed IT STAFFING region are as such Middle east Staffing, Australia staffing, UK Staffing and the biggest market is US IT STAFFING. US IT STAFFING captures 90 percent of IT STAFFING stake.

The Ultimate goal of our venture is to place the job seekers. In this bid, we have had quite a promising success in past and continues in the same spirit. Success that inspire us and felt us proud, grounded and responsible. Our entire mechanism is to place every individual that associate with us and we proudly act as the accelerator of their career path. Here are some placed consultant through our effort and working proudly at different US IT staffing company.

 Although, I was not seeking for any job as I was determined to pursue my career in Modeling and Acting. However, when I use to stay in Delhi during my modeling days, I was staying with these great guys. Apart, we were the part of same college and friends forever; I have seen eagerness on these guys in assisting people getting jobs. On being Novice IT Consultant in their own capacity, I have witnessed their way of training fresher and improving their skills. I have also lectured few gesture posture and interpersonal skill classes to individuals on my leisure time and that was complete fun. I truly enjoyed my 6 month stay in Delhi. Now, they have already shown their presence in training cum assisting job. I have every confidence and zero doubts in their future prospect and huge success. Apart, I am glad to be the Promotion ambassador of jobisforyou.com. All the very best. Guys long to go.  

Rohan Rai

Model, Brand promoter of jobisforyou.com

 I am Megha Tyagi. I was jobless after completing my B.Tech in 2014, I came to know about jobisforyou.com from one of my friend. The best part of jobisforyou is the training program. First, it was completely focused on job oriented training, second it was complete fun training there. We never knew when the one month passes and we completed our training and not just one but two companies had send me offer letter in US IT STAFFING domain. Hence, I can proudly say jobisforyou provide huge opportunity to fresher and I recommend with my complete belief. Currently, I am working at Daksyaa.com.  

Megha Tyagi

Technical Recruiter, Daksyaa.com

Roorkee Institute of Technology, Uttrakhand.

 It was in mid-2014 when I was getting desperate for job. After getting rejected from few companies, I came to know about jobisforyou which was offline back then. I have been trained by them. They have a good team of trainer which is dedicated towards quality training in US IT STAFFING. The decision to join Jobisforyou has been a life changing. Thanks for all the support and aide in getting the job in US IT staffing and shaping my career. Currently, I am happily working at e-solution as Technical Recruiter. I really recommend Jobisforyou.com  

Anshul Mehra

Sr. Technical Recruiter, e-Solutions

APIIT SD INDIA, Staffordshire University.

 I have started my career form HCLComnet at BPO industry. However, I was not satisfied with my my job and get connected with Jobisforyou.com which specializes in US IT Staffing, before training I was confuse whether the recruitment industry is promising for me or not. However, when I became the part of training batch and get to know about new IT related technologies and almost have done vicarious tour of USA. I was really excited to work in the industry further. In further pursuance, the training program became boom to me and I started my fresh career in US IT staffing, which gives me great satisfaction as I became financially independent. I truly appreciate the effort of jobisforyou.com. Today, I am happily working at Rconnect as Sr. technical recruiter, thank you jobisforyou.com  

Rohit Kumar

Sr. Technical Recruiter, Rconnect

Kurukshetra University, MCA.

 I am glad to inform you that I have been selected for NLB Services this happens only because of jobsisforyou.com and their great training team. It was excitement, joy and learning training there. I can promise on one fact, this is the fewest training institute which is affordable to every individual in terms of fee and always inspires individual in bagging job. At this platform, with complete believe, I am suggesting every fresher to get connected with jobisforyou.com and pursue training cum job interview program. Thanking all of you.  

Abhishek Sharma

Technical Recruiter, NLB Services

APIIT SD INDIA, Staffordshire University.

Do Jobisforyou promising jobs to candidates?
We will board you in the train, where getting jobs are only a matter of cracking interview and we assure you, interview will be a fun for you and company won’t select you, you select the company.
What does jobisforyou offer?
We offer opportunity, self-dependency, confidence and career path to candidates.
Why should you require jobisforyou training?
We want you to be proactive before coming into industry. We want you to get acquainted with Industry standard and hot pursuit skills. We want you to get trained before Industry calls you. We want you to get placed before your final examination ends.
What kind of training is available through jobisforyou?
Although, we are specialized in US IT STAFFING, however we provide training in all IT Domain, be it Software development, Testing, Business Analysis or Database administrator, our experts are top notch from IT Industry and committed towards quality and focused training.
How Jobisforyou different from training center or consultancy.
We have a proven track record of training fresh talent and placing them at various IT companies. Please, visit the alumni page for more details. Our training program are not limited to training only, we grill the candidate, we train the candidate, we project the candidate before companies, we arrange the interview and we advance candidate towards the gate of Job door. All candidate needed is to push a bit to break the job door and strikes the JOB. Job is for you and you only.
What is the goal of Jobisforyou?
Our goal is to be part of mission to assist, aide and participate in providing the rightful job to all IT graduates and MBA professional, irrespective of their past knowledge, marks, degree and backlog. Job is for you and you only.
What is our credibility?
We are into market from last 3 years. We have placed more than 50 fresher and dozen experienced consultant at different IT jobs through our training program and company referrals. Although, Most of the Job offered through jobisforyou resides into US IT staffing domain. However, we are prominently marking our presence in different IT domain as well. Hence, our expertise in US IT STAFFING is invincible.
What is the fee structure of training cum interview program?
For training, resume building, career counselling and interview call process, fee is Rs. 15000/- only. Get yourself trained and explore the possibilities of job and get exciting career.
When will the training batch starts?
The training batch will start in the month of December. The exact date will be displayed shortly.
What is the approach of Registration and enrolling?
Registration is completely based on First come First serve basis, which is already in practice. We are registering and enrolling first 250 job seekers. The process will be completed once an individual register on Jobisforyou.com and submits fee.
How fee will be deposited?
We have our kiosk, there you will have to reach and submit fee, you for sure take the receipt from kiosk .In case, you do not able to reach at our Kiosk, you can write us and we will avail you the on line payment process.
What is the eligibility criteria of Job training?
There is no eligibility criteria for Job seekers, however, we expect job seekers are graduated or about to graduate next year. There is no check list in the percentage and preferences of students. Every one is equally welcome.
How job seekers will be trained?
There happens a class room training. Where, batch of 60 students created separately. There would be mock interview process before actually hitting the company for Interview.
What is the duration and timing of training program?
Training program is of 10 days. Training will be on every consecutive Saturday and Sunday. One Training session will operates for 2 hours. 10 Minutes will be for live orientation. The exact timing will be displayed shortly.
What are the subject taken care of during training session?
Training explore the following area before job-seekers
  1. Communication & Interpersonal skill.
  2. Up to date knowledge and working principle of US IT staffing.
  3. Up-to date discussion on new technologies and the profile of different software companies.
  4. Inculcating new IT skills based on Individual interest.
  5. Overview of USA Culture.
  6. You will be provide with materials and on-line link, which you will be expected to learn in official days (Monday to Friday).
  7. After completion of every lecture you will be provided with Soft copy of topic covered for the day and entire details related to that.
What are our expectation from job-seekers?
We are expecting job-seekers be disciplined, dedicated and mature. We expect your patience, because at the end of day, patience prevails. Don’t forget Job is for you.

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